Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Music - Free beats (NYC)

I've been to New York city twice... I can't claim to know it to any extent at all, and yet, through media and through stories, I have come to develop an idea of what I think NYC should be like.

My fantasy NYC is neither goon squadded and heavily policed, nor is it the post apocalyptic madhouse of drugs, sex, and punk of the seventies...
It's mixture of details from stories taking place in New York combined with details about their past that the New Yorkers I've met have shared with me.

As a result I'm only likely to ever see my fantasy NYC in fiction, but every now and then I hear things that make me wonder if it isn't actually out there, somewhere, under the grime and hustle-bustle of the Big Apple.

At any rate, this made me grin...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Music - Guitar strings gone mad (people playing with their iPhones) and Andy Nicolai

As the first youtube vid states, for those interested in what makes this effect possible, a conversation on reddit is ongoing.

In case you were thinking that the second video sounded nice (I certainly did), here's a full version of that song and another from the person.

And here's the other song of his I found scraping the net: