Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Video - Could-have-been love story

I stumbled onto this on youtube... And I find it kinda sad - sad but smartly done.

I know I've done the delete dance until I find the right thing to say and the right way to say it (I do it everyday for me job ;)), but I know I also measure what I say in person the same way.

Perhaps the old adage of "turning your tongue six times in your mouth before speaking" integrated (ctrlA+del)x6 in the latest update patch. : รพ

Not sure I agree with the proposed moral of the story.
I guess it's a matter of degree and point of view.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Photos - Nick Knight

I'm not usually much one for fashion photography... And I guess I have yet to be swayed by it, that said, Nick Knight is a lot more more than just a fashion photographer, he's a creator of visual landscapes. Chances are you've seen his photos before, he's that big. A lot of his pictures escape me, but here are some that I really enjoyed.
More of Nick Knight's work can be seen on his website (click here)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Music - Worldismarble (Lan Angela Li)

Video blogging and text blogging don't intersect much, and while perfectly understandable, it's s too bad.
Social commentary set aside, I follow a couple video blogs... And I'd like to share some with you!

Meet Lan Angela Li.
Lan is a blossoming filmmaker and has already won a handful of awards including an audience award in a contest hosted by National Geographic and a grand prize in a contest hosted by the US state department that earned her a 3 week stay in Prague studying cinema this past summer.

She now has her own website, and while there isn't much there yet, I'm sure it will grow, and if you're looking to hire a filmmaker, you can reach her there. Her not so secret online headquarters is her youtube channel, called Worldismarble (clickety click here). She has all manner of interesting videos there, but as you can tell by the title of this post, that's not why I'm posting about her.

Lan is a lady of many talents, amongst those, she is also a talented amateur singer/songwriter/composer (Lan's music playlist). Here are three of my favorites songs, I hope you enjoy her voice as much as I do:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Photos - "Nam" an art colelctive working on "Fantasy in life"

NAM is out there and it is messing with reality.
That's what happens when 10 Japanese artists from various backgrounds get together and form a graphic collective bent on exploring the possibilities of visual arts for expressing fantasy in life...

If you like what you see, check out their website (do you like that music? I found it a bit annoying, but easily clicked off) or their blog.
N.B. You can enlarge the pictures twice by clicking on them, the details are worth it!