Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Multimedia - NY Times "One in 8 million"

In the old news category, here's something I discovered that I had missed when it happened in 2009.

The NY Times did this awesome photo+audio series about real people in NY talking about themselves and their lives. It's called "One in 8 million". You may have heard of it because it won an emmy in the "New approaches to documentary" category in 2010. 

I'm not going to rip the audio from their site, but here are 4 people with their profile pictures to give you an idea...
They're all interesting character studies, probably of interest to anyone studying people, or interested in representing people in fiction. Click here to start exploring this interesting project and begin meeting some of the 54 people depicted in it.
Also, if you're into that kind of thing the way I am, you gotta dig all those awesome accents!

"To play for people is everything. When they come to you they are suddenly in this world you've created"

"She asked me what kind of plant it was so I said it was an eggplant, and she said, "So that where we get our eggs from?" and that's when I noticed a lot of kids in NY don't know where their food comes from you know?"
"Sometimes when I cook I don't taste... I just know."

"And a woman said, "I know you, you're an actress...""

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