Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Text - We are become pals (Joey Comeau and Jess Fink)

There are a number things I enjoy on internet and sharing those is what this blog is all about.
Curiously, one of the one's I indulge in on a daily basis (webcomics!) hasn't gotten much coverage here.
Well this post isn't about webcomics either...

Today I'd like to share a series of short fiction written by Joey Comeau and illustrated by Jess Fink.

Ok, so why the windup about webcomics? Well, I first discovered Joey Comeau through "a softer world", a series he is creating in conjunction with Emily Horne. A softer world uses captions and pictures to create single standing episodes, three frames and a handful of lines to tell a story, stories that pack a punch. They are at times tragic, bitter, sweet, funny, random, and everything in between or any combination of the previous and many other things.
Well, recently, I found out that Joey Comeau was working with Jess Fink (who does just the right illustrations for these texts) on a series of short stories aptly named "We are become pals" featuring the (mis?)adventures of two teenage girls called Helen and Jane (pictured below). I feel as if I should put up an excerpt, but the chapter/stories are so short there wouldn't be much point. Lets just say I strongly recommend these stories to anyone who likes reading and Calvin & Hobbes.
The first part of "We are become pals" can be found here.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! : j

Joey Comeau:
    His books (some available for reading online)

Jess Fink:
    Her website with links to her blog, comics, art gallery, and more.