Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Photos - Photo Hunting

You've heard of her indirectly before. My girlfriend is an aspiring potter who is still working an IT dayjob.
She's awesome...
I digress.

We sometimes go on a walks with a list of objectives, as you'd have with a treasure hunt. The difference is that our treasure is visual: the game is like a hybrid between a photo-safari and a treasure hunt.
Here's a set from one such a walk we took a couple years back. Most of these were taken with a point and shooter (canon Ixus) except for a couple that were taken with a mobile phone.

Care to guess who is A and who is B? ; j
(As usual, click to enlarge. Tip: on most modern browsers, if you hold ctrl when you click on something, you will open the link in a new tab)
Small A
Small B
Big B
Big A
Ugly A
Ugly B

Beauty A
Beauty B
Bug B
Bug A

Moving A
Still A
Moving B

Still B