Thursday, December 30, 2010

Photos - The value of a dollar (Jonathan Blaustein)

Once upon a time a photographer bought 10 local early-season organic blueberries for $1 and was disgruntled by the fact that a week earlier he had gotten almost twice as many imported Chilean blueberries for the same price. He thus embarked on photo journey seeing what a dollar really gets you in New Mexico.

The complete list of pictures is on the photographer's site: here.
The new york times wrote a piece about him: here.

The NYT article is worth reading, it puts the pictures in perspective; and I love its closing quote! 
Candy necklaces from China

Regular grapefruit from supersave
Organic grapefruit from natural fruit store

Double cheeseburger from Mickey D's

Early season organic blueberries
Potted meat product
Tea biscuits from Spain