Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Music - Anna Kei (saxophone)

Meet Anna Kei (nee Anna Korbinska).
This lady was born in Poland and classically trained on the flute in Katowice, studied jazz sax in Warsaw, and has since hit the Parisian scene with a bang.
To quote her press release:
"She participates in TV broadcastings in France & in Poland, as well as in several jazz, funk, pop & ethno projects such as Seal, Rido Bayonne, Dave Liebman, Michael Tee, Urban Sax, Mystery, Irena Santor, Olivier Renoir, Urbs as well as her own projects."

On the sax she is awesome. See for yourself:

In snooping around the net (aka doing my research) to find out more about her, I found some of her singing, which strikes me as ok but not earth shaking (the ESL is definitely a factor), and pictures of her... And wow, what a disappointment those were.
It's as if she hired a a coked out publicist (or deranged stalker fan? or both?) who had her submit to a photo shoot themed "let's try to make this person look as fake as possible", which is unfortunate cause she seems quite pretty when not bimboified. Shrug, maybe it's a pop music thing that I simply don't get?

I suspect can even name the PR company responsible for the bleh horror that is her website. Shrug.

She has half a dozen excellent sax tracks on her myspace (if you're going to click somewhere, this is it!) that are well worth listening to for a smooth jazz sax experience. 
She also supplements her income, as many musicians do, by giving lessons, except she gives hers online (I wonder why it isn't more common in music teaching world?). So if you are on the market for a sax teacher...  
And then there is "her" (coked out publicist's or perhaps stalker's) website; in case you want to see for yourself if I'm just being mean or not. : j