Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Music - Eric the flutemaker

In minor unrelated news about myself, I have recently acquired a bamboo saxophone... And have been having great fun with it.

What is a bamboo saxophone you ask?
Well, bamboo saxophones can be saxophones that are entirely built out of bamboo (excepting the reed and the mouth piece of course)... Like so:

But that's not what I'm playing. I'm playing an instrument built by a man who specialises in making bamboo flutes. He essentially stuck a sax head on a the body of a bamboo flute.

His website.
The man himself and his spiel (fun to watch, he's an entertaining guy):

Or you could watch a video recounting in fairy tale fashion the flutemaker's first steps into the world of flute making. It's a interesting story that is pretty well told.

He is also using his business to collect funds for orphans who were living on a garbage heap in Nicaragua. Laudable work!