Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Music video - Double bill: Coco Rosie / Florence + The Machine

Been going through some changes lately. Today I've stumbled onto two bands that I find quite interesting... and that spark some ambivalent feelings in me.
I can say for sure that I like these two tracks... Or perhaps it's the way they reflect how I'm feeling at the moment... It would seem I'm not so sure after all. : j

At any rate perhaps you might like them, so here they are!

Florence+The Machine: What the water gave me

CocoRosie: Fairy paradise (music starts 1m50s in)

Florence+The Machine
Their website (with news, a music player, shop)
Myspace (with music)

They don't seem to have home pages at the moment (down I'm guessing)
Myspace (with music)
Very good fansite (with info, music,the works)