Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photography - Three way photo safari Vol. III

For this edition of the safari a newcomer joined Khnoum (click here for Khnoum's blog) and me: meet Khnoum's friend Jürgen, who runs a photography business in Germany.
Our themes were Isolation, Magic, and Startling.
If you'd like, you're welcome to guess who took which shots. We each took one shot for each theme.

4 layers of isolation
...In the crowd
Downtown Paris 6pm


Reach out and touch

Reaching 4 startling
Music shop magic

Praying for magic

Escher's haunted cat
(if you stare long enough, the ghost appears.. So try not to stare!)
PS it turns out the specter only appears if you enlarge the image and then stare at it. So you should all be safe! : j