Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Video - Yakfilms youtube channel (Dance videos)

Boing boinger Dean Putney posted a yakfilm video a few days ago, and that got me started...
Yakfilms is a youtube channel featuring urban dancing.

In their own words:
"YAK FILMS is an international production team whose work with urban dance began with the legendary TURF FEINZ crew from Oakland, CA, innovators of the TURF dancing style. Today the name YAK is synonymous with a unique style of street-based documentation of the global dance movement."

I had a lot of fun watching these videos... I hope you will too!
PS Their top5 dance vids for 2011 (just click on the next button on the bottom to skip the commentary vid and get to the dancing) is very much worth checking out, really tempted to gush about each one! : j

Stripey shirt's alternations from slow to fast are are thing of beauty!